Flipsky AntiSpark Switch Pro 280A за Electric Skateboard / Longboard / Mountainboard

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Flipsky AntiSpark Switch Pro 280A за електрически скейтборд, лонгборд или маунтинборд.


-Size:40mm*28.5mm*9.1mm(Include Heatsink)
-Weight:about 52g
-Packaging size:200mm*140mm*40mm
-Packaging weight:about 100g

·PCB thickness: 6 layer*3oz copper=18oz copper
·Max continuous 280A, Burst current 800A
·Max voltage: 13S (60V)
·Dimensions(with heatsink and heat shrink): 40mm*28.5mm*9.1mm
·LED button diameter: 12mm

Electric spark hazards:
1.Burning the contacts, cause bad circuit contact, even damage the circuit;
2.Sparks may cause damage to electronic components (such as integrated circuits) through the circuit;
In some spark-sensitive areas, a small spark may cause explosions,such as gas plants or places where flammable gas is installed.

Function of anti-spark switch:
Effectively and safely protect the power connections from spark burning and oxidization caused by integrated circuit electronics defect, and prevent from the risk of explosion by a small spark.

high-current products include RC Car, UAV, model aircraft, ship model, car model, etc; DIY electric skateboards, high-power type electric vehicles, industrial DC high-power contact products and frequent high-power switching power products, etc.

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